Wood and timber is the Latvian central resource that reaches about 26.3 million hectares or approximately 50.4% of the country. In forestry sustainable development guaranteed by the provisions included in Forest Law. 50% of the forests in Latvia are owned by state, 47% by private persons and 3% by municipalities.

Company’s commercial activities are based on qualitative wood products manufacturing in environmentally friendly conditions. Main raw materials in production - log supply chain has been certified as complying with international standard FSC-STD-40-004 and PEFC ST 2002:2013 requirements, which confirms that the timber is not obtained from:
a) forest areas where traditional rights or civil rights are violated;
b) the FSC® (FSC-C006364) non-certified forest areas, where are endangered specially threatened values;
c) from genetically modified trees;
d) unlawfully and
e) natural forests that are converted to plantations or areas not intended as a logging.

The wood used for production is FSC certifiedFSC certified all finished products sold as FSC Mix Credit.

In company’s product groups are included:
FSC Mix Credit timber
FSC Mix Credit sawlogs
FSC Mix Credit pulpwood
FSC Mix Credit pulp chips
FSC Mix Credit fuel chips

Environmental protection system established in company has been certified as complying with International Standard ISO 14001:2015 requirements, as well as established energy management system, that has been certified in compliance with ISO 500001.

Kurekss Ltd. FSC certified timber purchase from the Latvian and Lithuanian suppliers.